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squad royale

In Squad Royale you enter a multiplayer game with blocky graphics. Only one player can crown him or herself as the winner of the arena. Skydive down in a dangerous arena and try to survive as long as you can. Have fun playing Squad Royale!

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orc genocide

Start fighting it out against a computer controlled opponent or one of your best friends online! In Orc Genocide are lots of different modes that can be played. Pick the one that you like and find a way to survive all the attacks of evil creatures. Go ahead and upgrade your towers in order to try to kill all the enemies. The most important thing is to save your kingdom from demise and try to survive as long as possible!

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pocket tanks

Get into your tank! No, this is not your normal tank, you must enter your Pocket Tank! In this game you take each other on in one on one vs duels in a classic arcade style. While you’re battling each other you can unlock new weapons which add a new dimension to the warfare.

Download Pocket Tanks here!

trigger fist

In this exciting shooting game that resembles Halo in a strange way you have to pick a team and get into a war between two teams. Try to win the amazing firefight battles in a range of different arena’s and unlock new weapons. The game has a lot of different modes where you can chose from. Challenge a few of your friends or form a team together and try to become the number one on the ranking list. The game features no single player campaign, the focus is on the multiplayer modes.

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mini militia

Do you like shooting and killing a virtual army? Then the mini-militia needs you! Join a battle and fight the other opponent which can be controlled by one of your friends or a computer controlled character. This in one of the most exciting multiplayer games you will play on your favorite mobile device. Be smarter than the enemy team to wipe out their army. It’s possible to create your own team by creating your own clan so you are able to team up with other players that share the same goal as you: eliminating the enemy team!

Play Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia by visiting this link!


Turtle Strike is a turn-based game where there are no ‘turns’ in the classic term of the genre. Players have the same thirty seconds each round to perform their actions simultaneously instead of taking turns. That means that the outcome of the battle will be decided on speed and not on tactical insight only.  The 3D visuals make Turtle Strike an aesthetically attractive game, it’s a feast for the eye to play this game. Enjoy the frantic gameplay of Turtle Strike and train yourself to a maximum level because there are real matches where there is real prize money at stake!

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Get ready for an epic war battle! These little Warlings are putting their soldiers gear on and are out for blood and to make some kills! The battles in this war are not for winning territory or power, the Warlings just want to beat each other up as much as possible. You have an arsenal of weapons and armor available to overcome the rival army, use gadgets, booby traps, guns and bombs to wreak havoc. It’s often smart to think about a sort of tactic before you go in guns blazing like a maniac. The cool thing is that you can forge a strategy together with one of your best friends and plan an coop attack on the army of a controlled character. Of course these wars are accompanied by a lot of humor that resembles the Worms franchise. Have fun playing this amazing mobile multiplayer game and let your Warlings reign supreme!

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