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micro battles

Get ready to attack each other in Micro Battles! The gameplay of this game is best described as similarities with Mario Party and the visuals are high on pixel art. Play vs a computer controlled character or one of your friends one of the cool, quirky mini games with only one press of a button. Unlock more mini games as you play in order to not get bored in this amusing party game!

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2player reactor

2 Player Reactor is an amazing game where you and your friend can sit opposite to each other and play on the same device. 2 Player Reactor is based on the party genre and is inspired by Mario Party, there are a total of eighteen mini games that you will play on a random basis. A sometimes hectic buy at all times fun game to play together! Sharp fingers and a trained eye will get you to places.

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This multiplayer game has an interesting Victorian theme, together with a friend you must duel it out in an exciting arcade battle. Make use of knives, bombs and some weirdly exotic weapons like homing doves! You can sit opposite each other and play the game on one mobile device. Have fun playing this highly amusing multiplayer game, you only need one screen and two players!

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injustice gods amongst us

Get ready to pick a DC super hero or super villain and enter an exciting duel between the forces of good and bad. Injustice: Gods Among Us is a great card game where you can collect almost every iconic character in the DC Universe. Try to collect them all and challenge one of your best friends or foe’s in a multiplayer battle!

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Vainglory is one of the best games in the MOBA genre for your favorite mobile device. Vainglory isn’t as complex as League of Legends or Defenders of the Ancients but it is certainly as entertaining. Don’t get fooled by the easy to learn gameplay because the deeper tactics are hard to master. Like in all MOBA games your job is to win the match by taking over, or destroying, the base of your opponent with a team of heroes that have mastered unique special powers. Have fun playing Vainglory with one of your best friends or play against a team of computer controlled characters to find out who conquers the Vainglory arena!

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In this amazing action packed strategic multiplayer game your main goal is to blow stuff up! Remember the game Bomberman on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System from the early days? This game resembles the gameplay, just like all the other Bomberman clones that are available to play. In this mobile game you can choose between online mode or campaign mode. In the online mode it’s possible to play up to two to four players in one of the multiplayer arena’s to try to blow each other up to become the last man standing. In the campaign mode you are able to play over one hundred levels alone or with a friend, your goal in this mode is to kill all the monsters! Just like in the original Bomberman you are able to collect special power ups that will improve your status effects. Watch out that you don’t take the cursed objects because you will become diseased. If you happen to die in the arena, your spirit is able to take revenge by haunting the players that are still alive by infecting them with negative status effects. So what are you waiting for, join the fun and try to blow your Bomber friends to smithereens!

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Get ready for an epic war battle! These little Warlings are putting their soldiers gear on and are out for blood and to make some kills! The battles in this war are not for winning territory or power, the Warlings just want to beat each other up as much as possible. You have an arsenal of weapons and armor available to overcome the rival army, use gadgets, booby traps, guns and bombs to wreak havoc. It’s often smart to think about a sort of tactic before you go in guns blazing like a maniac. The cool thing is that you can forge a strategy together with one of your best friends and plan an coop attack on the army of a controlled character. Of course these wars are accompanied by a lot of humor that resembles the Worms franchise. Have fun playing this amazing mobile multiplayer game and let your Warlings reign supreme!

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bloons td battles

A new game has been added to the amazing Tower Defense series from Bloons! Get ready for some balloon popping tower defense madness in these highly intensive multiplayer battles. Challenge one of your friends to a duel or fight against players over the world and start popping those balloons! In two different modes the battle between two teams will be fought out, in assault mode you must build defenses and send groups of bloons yourself against your opponents. And in defensive mode you don’t send the bloons but must last as long as possible against the deadly waves of balloons which your opponent sends to your base. Choose your strategy wisely in each match, do you wait to spend your money or do you create an early pressure? Always try to gather more cash than your opponent to crush the enemy’s defenses with waves your deadly waves of bloons. The gameplay contains the well-known elements of tower building and upgrading that we love from the Bloons series. Enjoy this multiplayer game for your favorite mobile platform!

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Let’s get brawling in one of the chaotic action packed battles from the exciting fighting game Super Fighters! Play as a team and work together with your friend against a computer controlled enemy duo or play against each other to find out who has the best skills to conquer the arena! Punch, kick, shoot, dash, roll, dive, blast and jump around until you wiped out the enemy team from the screen. The deadly arenas are filled with booby-traps and platforming challenges so use your skills to the max, the last man standing will win the round and be victorious.

super fighters

Switch between a wide variety of melee and ranged weapons to take on your rivals. Give yourself a strategic better position by using the right tactics at the right time, sometime it’s better to play defensive and at times you have to play offensive. For example if you have more deadly weapons in your possession from collecting stuff than your opponent does it’s a good idea to confront him head on guns blazing. If you feel like playing a game that keeps pumping your adrenaline levels to the max you have to play this high action multiplayer arena shooter on!

Enter the Super Fighters arena to find out who is the best fighter!