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squad royale

In Squad Royale you enter a multiplayer game with blocky graphics. Only one player can crown him or herself as the winner of the arena. Skydive down in a dangerous arena and try to survive as long as you can. Have fun playing Squad Royale!

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tiny wings 2 p

The subject where the most people dream of is flying. In this game your wings are a bit tiny so you can’t travel above the fluffy clouds. The world has many areas with high mountains and bumps which can help you to temporarily fly and float over the world of Tiny Wings. Play against one of your friends on your favorite mobile device and choose between three different game modes Day Trip, Flight School and Hill Party. The sky is the limit in Tiny Wings HD!

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Turtle Strike is a turn-based game where there are no ‘turns’ in the classic term of the genre. Players have the same thirty seconds each round to perform their actions simultaneously instead of taking turns. That means that the outcome of the battle will be decided on speed and not on tactical insight only.  The 3D visuals make Turtle Strike an aesthetically attractive game, it’s a feast for the eye to play this game. Enjoy the frantic gameplay of Turtle Strike and train yourself to a maximum level because there are real matches where there is real prize money at stake!

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The games that are being developed for mobile platforms are becoming more advanced every day. This amazing futuristic first person shooter is proof of that progress. Shadowgun DeadZone is available for download on your favorite mobile device. It’s your job to take on a computer controlled character or duel it out with one of your best gaming buddies. This futuristic shooter is very well made and the graphic resemble console games or similar high quality AAA titles that are available for your PC. Shadowgun: Deadzone let’s you enter in spectacular multiplayer battles where the main focus lies on futuristic warfare and intergalactic gunplay. Choose between a variety of maps and choose between two modes. In Death Match you take on other players and try to get the most kills. Zone Control can be played in single mode or in coop mode to blast all the enemies to smithereens. Skill and train your favorite character to unlock a wide range of exotic weapons, useful items and amazing special moves.

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If you love to run around blowing stuff up and creating chaos and devastation with a friend of yours stop playing all these expensive A-titles and start a Broforce session! In this amazingly addictive platform-shooter you are able to destroy almost everything to pieces in a series of levels full of mayhem and havoc. The best part is that this is done with a wide collection of old-school superheroes that are pulled straight out of B-movies and other classic cult action titles from the past. With these pixelated versions of your favorite nostalgic childhood heroes you must free all the prisoners and blow up the bad guys that terrorize the world of Broforce. Each Bro that is represented possesses a unique skillset to kick some ass with, just to name a few: Brominator, Rambro, Bro Hard, Bro Walker, BA Brorakus, Bro Dredd and Snake Broskin. You will be able to unlock them all by freeing enough prisoners. Broforce offers an action-packed platform/shooter with charming 16 bit graphics where everything can be destroyed. Because of the chaotic run and gun gameplay you will often find yourself in hilarious situations especially if you team up with a friend. Sometimes you will help each other, but in a lot of situations you will blow each other up, on purpose, or not, it’s all good. All though this is originally a downloadable game here at it is possible to play a Unity version for free to play in your browser!

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Let’s get brawling in one of the chaotic action packed battles from the exciting fighting game Super Fighters! Play as a team and work together with your friend against a computer controlled enemy duo or play against each other to find out who has the best skills to conquer the arena! Punch, kick, shoot, dash, roll, dive, blast and jump around until you wiped out the enemy team from the screen. The deadly arenas are filled with booby-traps and platforming challenges so use your skills to the max, the last man standing will win the round and be victorious.

super fighters

Switch between a wide variety of melee and ranged weapons to take on your rivals. Give yourself a strategic better position by using the right tactics at the right time, sometime it’s better to play defensive and at times you have to play offensive. For example if you have more deadly weapons in your possession from collecting stuff than your opponent does it’s a good idea to confront him head on guns blazing. If you feel like playing a game that keeps pumping your adrenaline levels to the max you have to play this high action multiplayer arena shooter on!

Enter the Super Fighters arena to find out who is the best fighter!