Two player games
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orc genocide

Start fighting it out against a computer controlled opponent or one of your best friends online! In Orc Genocide are lots of different modes that can be played. Pick the one that you like and find a way to survive all the attacks of evil creatures. Go ahead and upgrade your towers in order to try to kill all the enemies. The most important thing is to save your kingdom from demise and try to survive as long as possible!

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Join the special Spaceteam and start playing a coop match up to eight players! All the decisions you make are linked through a instructions system. All the information will be shared between the players. Communication is the most important thing in Space Team. Work together in order to solve all the Space Team missions!

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call of champions

There are a lot of DOTA and LOL clones out there. Also for the mobile market they are being developed at rapid speed. Call of Champions is finally a MOBA that works on all fronts. Enjoy the large pool of characters and complex strategies. At the same time it’s easy to get into, so invite your friends and fight!

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Enter the naval battle in Warship!  Just like the original board game you have to place ships. Your opponent must do the same thing. Find out by smart, tactical thinking on which spots on the grid the ships are hidden. Go ahead sea captain: sink their armada at once!

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pocket tanks

Get into your tank! No, this is not your normal tank, you must enter your Pocket Tank! In this game you take each other on in one on one vs duels in a classic arcade style. While you’re battling each other you can unlock new weapons which add a new dimension to the warfare.

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micro battles

Get ready to attack each other in Micro Battles! The gameplay of this game is best described as similarities with Mario Party and the visuals are high on pixel art. Play vs a computer controlled character or one of your friends one of the cool, quirky mini games with only one press of a button. Unlock more mini games as you play in order to not get bored in this amusing party game!

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real steel

In this game steel gets real. Like in the movie you are able to build and train your own fighting robot. Start boxing and kick some robot butt in the Real Steel game. Start fighting in one of the arena’s just like the character that Hugh Jackman played in the movie.

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Hearthstone is an online card game where you have to duel it out between two players from the fictional realm of Blizzards World of Warcraft. Build a deck of cards and try to overcome your opponent by making the right decisions. While the game is easy to learn it’s not to be underestimated because you are able to create some decks that require strategic depth. Have fun battling it out in the amazing universe of Hearthstone.

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2player reactor

2 Player Reactor is an amazing game where you and your friend can sit opposite to each other and play on the same device. 2 Player Reactor is based on the party genre and is inspired by Mario Party, there are a total of eighteen mini games that you will play on a random basis. A sometimes hectic buy at all times fun game to play together! Sharp fingers and a trained eye will get you to places.

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This multiplayer game has an interesting Victorian theme, together with a friend you must duel it out in an exciting arcade battle. Make use of knives, bombs and some weirdly exotic weapons like homing doves! You can sit opposite each other and play the game on one mobile device. Have fun playing this highly amusing multiplayer game, you only need one screen and two players!

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