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asphalt 8

Asphalt 8 is by far one of the best racing experiences that you can get as a gamer on your mobile device! You really do yourself a favor to give this game a try, even if you’re not into racing games. It’s simple to add more users to the match when you’re online. The eight part of the arcade racing game franchise introduces a spectacular new element, you can jump into the air and perform aerial stunts! These are not real world physics that add to the fun and entertainment. Have fun playing Asphalt 8!

Play Asphalt 8: Airborn free on your favorite mobile device!

mini militia

Do you like shooting and killing a virtual army? Then the mini-militia needs you! Join a battle and fight the other opponent which can be controlled by one of your friends or a computer controlled character. This in one of the most exciting multiplayer games you will play on your favorite mobile device. Be smarter than the enemy team to wipe out their army. It’s possible to create your own team by creating your own clan so you are able to team up with other players that share the same goal as you: eliminating the enemy team!

Play Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia by visiting this link!

scribble nauts remix

Scribblenauts Remix: Wow, if you never played Scribblenauts you are missing out on a very amusing and original game! Scribblenauts Remix is now available on your favorite mobile device. The slogan of this game could be ‘think it, create it, solve it!’ The boundaries of your imagination is literally the limit in this game. If you can make it up in your head you can create it in Scribblenauts. Every puzzle has an infinity of solutions and other effects on the situation. Start creating with one of your friends in multiplayer mode and have some casual fun!

Download Scribblenauts Remix on the Google Play Store!

tiny wings 2 p

The subject where the most people dream of is flying. In this game your wings are a bit tiny so you can’t travel above the fluffy clouds. The world has many areas with high mountains and bumps which can help you to temporarily fly and float over the world of Tiny Wings. Play against one of your friends on your favorite mobile device and choose between three different game modes Day Trip, Flight School and Hill Party. The sky is the limit in Tiny Wings HD!

Download Tiny Wings HD for free here!


Turtle Strike is a turn-based game where there are no ‘turns’ in the classic term of the genre. Players have the same thirty seconds each round to perform their actions simultaneously instead of taking turns. That means that the outcome of the battle will be decided on speed and not on tactical insight only.  The 3D visuals make Turtle Strike an aesthetically attractive game, it’s a feast for the eye to play this game. Enjoy the frantic gameplay of Turtle Strike and train yourself to a maximum level because there are real matches where there is real prize money at stake!

Download Turtle Strike for your favorite mobile platform!


Cubemen is a great online multiplayer game that offers an interesting twist on the tower defense genre. The best part is that there are no towers included in the gameplay, an element that’s always on the front row in the genre. The concept of placing static towers has been replaced by little colored men in red and blue which will function as attackers and defenders at the same time. The 3D environment makes it suitable to climb and descend in the platforming challenges by attacking each other and defending your base in the best way possible. Cubemen is playable with six players at the same time, have fun with your friends!

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Vainglory is one of the best games in the MOBA genre for your favorite mobile device. Vainglory isn’t as complex as League of Legends or Defenders of the Ancients but it is certainly as entertaining. Don’t get fooled by the easy to learn gameplay because the deeper tactics are hard to master. Like in all MOBA games your job is to win the match by taking over, or destroying, the base of your opponent with a team of heroes that have mastered unique special powers. Have fun playing Vainglory with one of your best friends or play against a team of computer controlled characters to find out who conquers the Vainglory arena!

Download Vainglory here to play it for free on your favorite mobile device!


The goal of Clash Royale is to finish of the throne of your rival by destroying it. In this excellent MOBA game you must play cards from your deck. Once a card is played one of your warriors will get summoned on the battlefield to march across one of the three lanes towards the throne of your opponent. It’s also smart to play defensive cards because the rival army also tries to obliterate your throne to a million pieces. By collecting cards and levelling up your army will increase in strength and defense. Play Clash Royale against one of your friends or take on a computer controlled character to find out who has the best tactics! Have fun playing this game that is developed by the creators of Clash of Clans!

Click here to play Clash Royale, download the game on the Google PlayStore!


Challenge your friends in this epic battle of the slimes! You are able to play Battle Slimes up to four players, choose an arena and let the multiplayer mayhem commence. Take control over four differently colored slimy blobs and try to score points by stomping your rivals on the head or smashing them with one of your dangerous colorful bubbles. This cross over between a shooter and platformer game is easy to control but hard to master. Get yourself ready for some high paced fun and play against your friends or computer control characters in four challenging battle arena’s!

Battle Slimes is available for your favorite mobile platform: click here to go to the store page!



Get ready to control these basketball players in the best way possible to win the match! It’s not really an easy task to control them because in Dunkers you have to master the weird physics that make the players move around. Steel or grab the ball with your basketball player and try to dunk it in the net of your opponent. The Dunkers spin their arms uncontrollably, but after a while you’ll find that they are controllable by punching in the right sequence of commands. Have fun playing this minimalistic sports game that is presented by where you can play against a computer controlled character or one of your best gaming buddies!

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