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magic mansion

It is 1874 and Joseph Frost, the most fantastic magician that ever lived thrills audiences across the globe. As the world eagerly awaits Frost’s greatest show, rumors begin to spread…he has vanished. It seems that Frost’s magic hat has been sabotaged causing it to release rampaging rabbits. Frost is trapped in his family mansion. Help his children to rescue him!

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piaf io

Piaf io is another io game where where you can fly around in arena with a bird that you control the way you want to. Your mission is to destroy the other birds by slamming them with special moves like the growing orbs around you. Use the boosters and grow in size to becoming the winner of the arena!

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real fighting game

Real Fighting Game: Real Fighting is a VS game where you battle it out between two tough characters. Beat all you rivals in exciting duels to win the fighting trophy! Play against a computer controlled opponent or take out on of your best friends.

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nunchuck charlie

Are you hungry, Mr. Teddington? Don’t worry, me too, I’ll cook my Nunchuck Charlie super secret awesomesauce for you to enjoy. After the food you will happily go to sleep, very satisfied that you fed your teddybear, when all of a sudden the queen Chigeon appears. She claims she is the ruler of the Wishing Well of Forbidden Wishes. Bid farewell to Mr. Teddington since it will be the last time you will ever see him. Help Charlie to save Teddington! You have no choice but to enter wishing well of forbidden wishes and take down the evil queen Chigeon. Mash those buttons and solve all the small puzzles, dodge all the obstacles and defeat your enemies. Use your nunchucks to give your enemies bruises and bloody noses. Nunchuck Charlie is a great game to play by yourself but you will be able to multiply the fun when you try to beat the game with one of your best friends!

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cloud knights duels

Welcome to Cloud Knights Duels, an exciting physics based fantasy arena battle game! The Cloud Knights are a race of fantasy knights that fight it out in several arena’s above the clouds to find out who is the best one. Swing your weapon and hit your opponent until he runs out of health or gets knocked out of the boundaries of the arena. The way your rival needs to be knocked out of the gaming arena resembles the way you battle it out between each other in Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros.

So what are you waiting for? Take your sword and hack and slash around you in a series of arena’s! Take on a computer controlled character or battle it out against one of your friends, perform death moves and acrobatic attacks to topple your opponent of the platform in this action packed battle arena game! May the best Cloud Knight win the duel!

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