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critical ops

Take the gun in your hands and find the enemy in this action packed first person shooter. The object of the game is simple: take out the terrorists. Clear them all out before they can create their chaos. If you choose to pick side for the terrorists then you have to take out the soldiers that want to stop you. Have fun playing this multiplayer game!

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real fighting game

Real Fighting Game: Real Fighting is a VS game where you battle it out between two tough characters. Beat all you rivals in exciting duels to win the fighting trophy! Play against a computer controlled opponent or take out on of your best friends.

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trigger fist

In this exciting shooting game that resembles Halo in a strange way you have to pick a team and get into a war between two teams. Try to win the amazing firefight battles in a range of different arena’s and unlock new weapons. The game has a lot of different modes where you can chose from. Challenge a few of your friends or form a team together and try to become the number one on the ranking list. The game features no single player campaign, the focus is on the multiplayer modes.

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punk raid

Punk Raid is a new free to play action shooter that is presented exclusively by! In this exciting futuristic shooter for two players you take control of a team of super soldiers. Your job is to clear out an island full of dangerous robotic creatures that are crafted by a mad scientist. Load your laser pulse cannons and gear up to take on these tough mechanical creatures. Survive all the waves by destroying them and make sure you don’t die in the process. It will be a hard task to perform, especially in the beginning where you don’t have any access to special powers, the only thing you have to rely on are your dodging skills and shooting skills. Once you advance and collect more money it’s time to upgrade your stats to grow stronger. During the waves there are several random weapon drops and upgrades to collect that will provide extra power. The artwork from Punk Raid is beautiful because of the detailed animations and the multi-layered moving background. What are you waiting for, go ahead and try to clear the island of mechanical creatures in Punk Raid!

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