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targ io

Targ .io is a great multiplayer game in the io universe. Get in an arena full of players that want to conquer the arena just like you. You are able to choose to split your cell into smaller pieces, in that way you can boost yourself faster across the arena. Try to get on top of the leaderboard!

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five nights at freddys

Five Nights at Freddy’s is a franchise that has spawned many games in the series. Now you can play with people from all over the world in this multiplayer version of the creepy game. Have fun playing this point and click horror game for free online in your favorite browser.

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classic snake

Snake is one of the ultimate classic arcade games. The game has been reinvented many times before. We welcome you to this special io version of the game where you play the game with multiple snakes. Control your snake in the best way possible to grow in size and shape!

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pixel rally 3d

Enter this pixelated Rally and get into your car. Enjoy this amazing racing game and take on the computer controlled characters or race against one of your best friends. Be the first one that crosses the finish line!

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Dominoes is a fun game to play on your own, but it’s more fun when there are more players! Try out this multiplayer style dominoes game. Take on one of your best friends or play against a computer controlled character.

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Takepoint io: TakePoint io is a new io game where you must try to battle it out against a massive number of online players. In this exciting online brawling game you have to take out all the players and try to become the winner of the digital battlefield!

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NitroDrift is a new entry in the io universe. In this amazing multiplayer arena you have to crush your opponents with your car. With just one little touch you are able to crush the other players. Have fun eliminating all your rival cars on the battlefield.

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ticket to ride

Do you know the game Days of Wonder? Ticket to ride is based on the board game that features the world of trains. Your mission is to try to collect all kind of cards of different sorts so you can use them on railways that connect the city to the other locations across the world.

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dots and boxes

Kill some time with the game Dots and Boxes. In this multiplayer game you take turns with another player and have to try to connect all the dots and boxes on the grid. The one with the most created boxes wins the game!

Download Dots and Boxes here!

two player touch

2 player touch is a 2 player game that puts your reaction skills and concentration skills to the test. There are lots of amazingly amusing mini games that will challenge you and one of your best friends to try out which one is the best player. Have fun playing these challenging skill games!