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call of champions

There are a lot of DOTA and LOL clones out there. Also for the mobile market they are being developed at rapid speed. Call of Champions is finally a MOBA that works on all fronts. Enjoy the large pool of characters and complex strategies. At the same time it’s easy to get into, so invite your friends and fight!

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Get down with some serious monkey business in this highly exciting multiplayer game! Each player takes the control over a great army of banana eating monkeys, both the parties want to win the battle because they want to take over the jungle territory for more power and richness. If your beastly foot soldiers win a match they gain experience to level them up to a higher rank, try to promote all your units to a higher rank to improve their strategic skills and tactical powers. In this crazy cool fighting game you have to fight for your life in 3D enhanced epic battles between these jungle warriors. You will be able to earn rewards for your hard work and collect the spoils of the battle. Customize your army with a wide variety of different outfits. You are also able to compete in online matches and fight for higher rewards. You can take on a computer controlled characters or battle it out against one of your best friends. Do you have what it takes to become the ultimate monkey warrior? Good luck with your jungle domination!

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nunchuck charlie

Are you hungry, Mr. Teddington? Don’t worry, me too, I’ll cook my Nunchuck Charlie super secret awesomesauce for you to enjoy. After the food you will happily go to sleep, very satisfied that you fed your teddybear, when all of a sudden the queen Chigeon appears. She claims she is the ruler of the Wishing Well of Forbidden Wishes. Bid farewell to Mr. Teddington since it will be the last time you will ever see him. Help Charlie to save Teddington! You have no choice but to enter wishing well of forbidden wishes and take down the evil queen Chigeon. Mash those buttons and solve all the small puzzles, dodge all the obstacles and defeat your enemies. Use your nunchucks to give your enemies bruises and bloody noses. Nunchuck Charlie is a great game to play by yourself but you will be able to multiply the fun when you try to beat the game with one of your best friends!

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cloud knights duels

Welcome to Cloud Knights Duels, an exciting physics based fantasy arena battle game! The Cloud Knights are a race of fantasy knights that fight it out in several arena’s above the clouds to find out who is the best one. Swing your weapon and hit your opponent until he runs out of health or gets knocked out of the boundaries of the arena. The way your rival needs to be knocked out of the gaming arena resembles the way you battle it out between each other in Nintendo’s Super Smash Bros.

So what are you waiting for? Take your sword and hack and slash around you in a series of arena’s! Take on a computer controlled character or battle it out against one of your friends, perform death moves and acrobatic attacks to topple your opponent of the platform in this action packed battle arena game! May the best Cloud Knight win the duel!

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Let’s get brawling in one of the chaotic action packed battles from the exciting fighting game Super Fighters! Play as a team and work together with your friend against a computer controlled enemy duo or play against each other to find out who has the best skills to conquer the arena! Punch, kick, shoot, dash, roll, dive, blast and jump around until you wiped out the enemy team from the screen. The deadly arenas are filled with booby-traps and platforming challenges so use your skills to the max, the last man standing will win the round and be victorious.

super fighters

Switch between a wide variety of melee and ranged weapons to take on your rivals. Give yourself a strategic better position by using the right tactics at the right time, sometime it’s better to play defensive and at times you have to play offensive. For example if you have more deadly weapons in your possession from collecting stuff than your opponent does it’s a good idea to confront him head on guns blazing. If you feel like playing a game that keeps pumping your adrenaline levels to the max you have to play this high action multiplayer arena shooter on!

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 Let’s get readyyyyy tooooo rrrrruuummmbbbllleee! There is an amazing collection of exciting fighting games available on Highly recommended is the wrestling game called Wrassling,’ sponsored by The fighters who enter the ring are not your average body slamming, dropkicking, suplexing and head-butting warriors you know from television. Wrassle your opponent out of the ring by using special moves and unorthodox techniques to score a point. Choose one of the game modes and start fighting. The graphics will offer you a shot of nostalgia, they will take you straight back to the old-school Atari and Commodore 64 era. Let’s wrestle..ehm I mean wrassle!!

wrestling games

Another cool virtual wrestling game featured on is Get on top! Play against a computer controlled character or a friend to find out who can control the wrestler in the best possible way. The goofy muscled fighters are locked together by their hands so it’s up to you to topple your opponent over and of course to prevent him from doing so by yourself. By bumping your rival’s head to the ground you score a point. Defy the laws of gravity and master the wrestling physics of your character to overcome your opponent. Wrestle your way to the top to become the champion in this addictive fighting game.

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