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sea battle

Battleship is an amazing board game and considered a classic. In this two player game you have to take out the enemy ship before they are able to spot yours and blow it to smithereens. The cool thing is that you are able to do stuff that was not possible before in the physical version of the game.

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muffin knight

Hmmm….muffins. Start platforming with this sweet knight in Nintendo retro like run and jump environments. The fantasy setting offers a great setting for multiple medieval heroes to take on a duel in exciting head-to-head matches. Have fun playing Muffin Knight!

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real racing

In the third part of the Real Racing series you must get behind the steering wheel of a race car. Have fun playing this amazing online mobile racing game where  there are a lot of different modes available to play together, have some fun In the time-shifted mode, ghost racing mode and lots of real-time online race matches. Upgrade your car to fit your needs!

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worms 2

Worms is one of the most popular franchises since the game first appeared many, many years ago. In Worms 2 for your favorite mobile device you once again wage war between two different worm armies. Try to defeat your opponent by outsmarting them and perform nifty tricks!

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edge of the world

One day civilization thought that the earth was as flat as a pancake and they thought you could fall of. Welcome to Edge of the World. In this game, you and one of your best friends take turn in launching vessels to find out who is able to get them close to the edge. It’s also possible to push them off the edge, so do your best!

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the elder scrolls legends

The Elder Scrolls franchise has not been milked out enough by Bethesda. In this new card dueling game you have to use your deck of cards to defeat the enemy. Put a collection together and start playing. If you like Magic: The Gathering of Hearthstone then The Elder Scrolls Legends is definitely you cup of tea.

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critical ops

Take the gun in your hands and find the enemy in this action packed first person shooter. The object of the game is simple: take out the terrorists. Clear them all out before they can create their chaos. If you choose to pick side for the terrorists then you have to take out the soldiers that want to stop you. Have fun playing this multiplayer game!

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piaf io

Piaf io is another io game where where you can fly around in arena with a bird that you control the way you want to. Your mission is to destroy the other birds by slamming them with special moves like the growing orbs around you. Use the boosters and grow in size to becoming the winner of the arena!

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real fighting game

Real Fighting Game: Real Fighting is a VS game where you battle it out between two tough characters. Beat all you rivals in exciting duels to win the fighting trophy! Play against a computer controlled opponent or take out on of your best friends.

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ice rage hockey

Ice Rage Hockey is a cool sports game with the emphasis on cool! Get your puck and stick ready and take on a computer controlled opponent or one of your best friends. Choose and unlock one of the many players that can be quirky and crazy which is ofcourse fun! Go ahead and try to win the championship!

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