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Cubemen is a great online multiplayer game that offers an interesting twist on the tower defense genre. The best part is that there are no towers included in the gameplay, an element that’s always on the front row in the genre. The concept of placing static towers has been replaced by little colored men in red and blue which will function as attackers and defenders at the same time. The 3D environment makes it suitable to climb and descend in the platforming challenges by attacking each other and defending your base in the best way possible. Cubemen is playable with six players at the same time, have fun with your friends!

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Vainglory is one of the best games in the MOBA genre for your favorite mobile device. Vainglory isn’t as complex as League of Legends or Defenders of the Ancients but it is certainly as entertaining. Don’t get fooled by the easy to learn gameplay because the deeper tactics are hard to master. Like in all MOBA games your job is to win the match by taking over, or destroying, the base of your opponent with a team of heroes that have mastered unique special powers. Have fun playing Vainglory with one of your best friends or play against a team of computer controlled characters to find out who conquers the Vainglory arena!

Download Vainglory here to play it for free on your favorite mobile device!


The goal of Clash Royale is to finish of the throne of your rival by destroying it. In this excellent MOBA game you must play cards from your deck. Once a card is played one of your warriors will get summoned on the battlefield to march across one of the three lanes towards the throne of your opponent. It’s also smart to play defensive cards because the rival army also tries to obliterate your throne to a million pieces. By collecting cards and levelling up your army will increase in strength and defense. Play Clash Royale against one of your friends or take on a computer controlled character to find out who has the best tactics! Have fun playing this game that is developed by the creators of Clash of Clans!

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Challenge your friends in this epic battle of the slimes! You are able to play Battle Slimes up to four players, choose an arena and let the multiplayer mayhem commence. Take control over four differently colored slimy blobs and try to score points by stomping your rivals on the head or smashing them with one of your dangerous colorful bubbles. This cross over between a shooter and platformer game is easy to control but hard to master. Get yourself ready for some high paced fun and play against your friends or computer control characters in four challenging battle arena’s!

Battle Slimes is available for your favorite mobile platform: click here to go to the store page!



The games that are being developed for mobile platforms are becoming more advanced every day. This amazing futuristic first person shooter is proof of that progress. Shadowgun DeadZone is available for download on your favorite mobile device. It’s your job to take on a computer controlled character or duel it out with one of your best gaming buddies. This futuristic shooter is very well made and the graphic resemble console games or similar high quality AAA titles that are available for your PC. Shadowgun: Deadzone let’s you enter in spectacular multiplayer battles where the main focus lies on futuristic warfare and intergalactic gunplay. Choose between a variety of maps and choose between two modes. In Death Match you take on other players and try to get the most kills. Zone Control can be played in single mode or in coop mode to blast all the enemies to smithereens. Skill and train your favorite character to unlock a wide range of exotic weapons, useful items and amazing special moves.

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Do you know the game Air Hockey? In this game two players confront each other in front of a table where a bit of air is pumped through the holes of the play-field to let a puck float on the surface. It’s up the you to smash the puck in your opponents goal with your paddles. Well, if you dig playing this game you’ll definitely love this free game called Glow Hockey! Glow Hockey resembles the game Air Hockey but instead of a paddle and a puck you have to play on the screen of your favorite mobile device. Duel it out between two of your friends against each other or try to challenge a computer rival and try to score as many points as you can. Glow Hockey is an aesthetically pleasing experience that lifts Air Hockey to another level.

Download the Glow Hockey app here yourself to give it a try!

bloons td battles

A new game has been added to the amazing Tower Defense series from Bloons! Get ready for some balloon popping tower defense madness in these highly intensive multiplayer battles. Challenge one of your friends to a duel or fight against players over the world and start popping those balloons! In two different modes the battle between two teams will be fought out, in assault mode you must build defenses and send groups of bloons yourself against your opponents. And in defensive mode you don’t send the bloons but must last as long as possible against the deadly waves of balloons which your opponent sends to your base. Choose your strategy wisely in each match, do you wait to spend your money or do you create an early pressure? Always try to gather more cash than your opponent to crush the enemy’s defenses with waves your deadly waves of bloons. The gameplay contains the well-known elements of tower building and upgrading that we love from the Bloons series. Enjoy this multiplayer game for your favorite mobile platform!

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Get down with some serious monkey business in this highly exciting multiplayer game! Each player takes the control over a great army of banana eating monkeys, both the parties want to win the battle because they want to take over the jungle territory for more power and richness. If your beastly foot soldiers win a match they gain experience to level them up to a higher rank, try to promote all your units to a higher rank to improve their strategic skills and tactical powers. In this crazy cool fighting game you have to fight for your life in 3D enhanced epic battles between these jungle warriors. You will be able to earn rewards for your hard work and collect the spoils of the battle. Customize your army with a wide variety of different outfits. You are also able to compete in online matches and fight for higher rewards. You can take on a computer controlled characters or battle it out against one of your best friends. Do you have what it takes to become the ultimate monkey warrior? Good luck with your jungle domination!

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arcane legends

Don’t we all love an amazing hacking & slashing game once in a while? In Arcane Legends several players must choose between a different role to play with. Pick between a handful of strong warriors like the rogue, magician or warrior to enter a wild range of quests in order to collect some of the most epic loot you’ve ever collected as your reward. Create your own guild and team up with others to do some serious killing, if you dare. Have fun hacking and slashing the bad guys with your friends in this great multiplayer game for your favorite mobile platform, one of the best MMO RPG experiences for mobile devices in the world.

Arcane Legends is free to play on your favorite mobile device!

muffin knight

Muffin Knight is a great platforming game full of high paced action for two players to play at the same time. The story goes that there once was a small boy which embarked on an adventure to return back the basket of magic muffins to the fairy godmother. She lost them all over the kingdom and it I up to you to get all the muffins back to her. Each muffin that’s collected by the protagonist transforms the apparel. In this great platforming game that’s cross based there’s also an option to challenge your friends on your favorite platform. Together with the amazing looking graphics, gameplay and eighteen different playable fairylike characters Muffin Knight is an amazing game to play with one of your friends. Start killing enemies, take out bosses level up and conquer the world of Muffin Knight together!

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