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Get ready for an epic war battle! These little Warlings are putting their soldiers gear on and are out for blood and to make some kills! The battles in this war are not for winning territory or power, the Warlings just want to beat each other up as much as possible. You have an arsenal of weapons and armor available to overcome the rival army, use gadgets, booby traps, guns and bombs to wreak havoc. It’s often smart to think about a sort of tactic before you go in guns blazing like a maniac. The cool thing is that you can forge a strategy together with one of your best friends and plan an coop attack on the army of a controlled character. Of course these wars are accompanied by a lot of humor that resembles the Worms franchise. Have fun playing this amazing mobile multiplayer game and let your Warlings reign supreme!

Download Warlings for free online on the Google Play store!