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Turtle Strike is a turn-based game where there are no ‘turns’ in the classic term of the genre. Players have the same thirty seconds each round to perform their actions simultaneously instead of taking turns. That means that the outcome of the battle will be decided on speed and not on tactical insight only.  The 3D visuals make Turtle Strike an aesthetically attractive game, it’s a feast for the eye to play this game. Enjoy the frantic gameplay of Turtle Strike and train yourself to a maximum level because there are real matches where there is real prize money at stake!

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Get down with some serious monkey business in this highly exciting multiplayer game! Each player takes the control over a great army of banana eating monkeys, both the parties want to win the battle because they want to take over the jungle territory for more power and richness. If your beastly foot soldiers win a match they gain experience to level them up to a higher rank, try to promote all your units to a higher rank to improve their strategic skills and tactical powers. In this crazy cool fighting game you have to fight for your life in 3D enhanced epic battles between these jungle warriors. You will be able to earn rewards for your hard work and collect the spoils of the battle. Customize your army with a wide variety of different outfits. You are also able to compete in online matches and fight for higher rewards. You can take on a computer controlled characters or battle it out against one of your best friends. Do you have what it takes to become the ultimate monkey warrior? Good luck with your jungle domination!

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