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Chaos and destruction in Broforce


If you love to run around blowing stuff up and creating chaos and devastation with a friend of yours stop playing all these expensive A-titles and start a Broforce session! In this amazingly addictive platform-shooter you are able to destroy almost everything to pieces in a series of levels full of mayhem and havoc. The best part is that this is done with a wide collection of old-school superheroes that are pulled straight out of B-movies and other classic cult action titles from the past. With these pixelated versions of your favorite nostalgic childhood heroes you must free all the prisoners and blow up the bad guys that terrorize the world of Broforce. Each Bro that is represented possesses a unique skillset to kick some ass with, just to name a few: Brominator, Rambro, Bro Hard, Bro Walker, BA Brorakus, Bro Dredd and Snake Broskin. You will be able to unlock them all by freeing enough prisoners. Broforce offers an action-packed platform/shooter with charming 16 bit graphics where everything can be destroyed. Because of the chaotic run and gun gameplay you will often find yourself in hilarious situations especially if you team up with a friend. Sometimes you will help each other, but in a lot of situations you will blow each other up, on purpose, or not, it’s all good. All though this is originally a downloadable game here at it is possible to play a Unity version for free to play in your browser!

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