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the elder scrolls legends

The Elder Scrolls franchise has not been milked out enough by Bethesda. In this new card dueling game you have to use your deck of cards to defeat the enemy. Put a collection together and start playing. If you like Magic: The Gathering of Hearthstone then The Elder Scrolls Legends is definitely you cup of tea.

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muffin knight

Muffin Knight is a great platforming game full of high paced action for two players to play at the same time. The story goes that there once was a small boy which embarked on an adventure to return back the basket of magic muffins to the fairy godmother. She lost them all over the kingdom and it I up to you to get all the muffins back to her. Each muffin that’s collected by the protagonist transforms the apparel. In this great platforming game that’s cross based there’s also an option to challenge your friends on your favorite platform. Together with the amazing looking graphics, gameplay and eighteen different playable fairylike characters Muffin Knight is an amazing game to play with one of your friends. Start killing enemies, take out bosses level up and conquer the world of Muffin Knight together!

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