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asphalt 8

Asphalt 8 is by far one of the best racing experiences that you can get as a gamer on your mobile device! You really do yourself a favor to give this game a try, even if you’re not into racing games. It’s simple to add more users to the match when you’re online. The eight part of the arcade racing game franchise introduces a spectacular new element, you can jump into the air and perform aerial stunts! These are not real world physics that add to the fun and entertainment. Have fun playing Asphalt 8!

Play Asphalt 8: Airborn free on your favorite mobile device!

mini militia

Do you like shooting and killing a virtual army? Then the mini-militia needs you! Join a battle and fight the other opponent which can be controlled by one of your friends or a computer controlled character. This in one of the most exciting multiplayer games you will play on your favorite mobile device. Be smarter than the enemy team to wipe out their army. It’s possible to create your own team by creating your own clan so you are able to team up with other players that share the same goal as you: eliminating the enemy team!

Play Doodle Army 2: Mini Militia by visiting this link!

bloons td battles

A new game has been added to the amazing Tower Defense series from Bloons! Get ready for some balloon popping tower defense madness in these highly intensive multiplayer battles. Challenge one of your friends to a duel or fight against players over the world and start popping those balloons! In two different modes the battle between two teams will be fought out, in assault mode you must build defenses and send groups of bloons yourself against your opponents. And in defensive mode you don’t send the bloons but must last as long as possible against the deadly waves of balloons which your opponent sends to your base. Choose your strategy wisely in each match, do you wait to spend your money or do you create an early pressure? Always try to gather more cash than your opponent to crush the enemy’s defenses with waves your deadly waves of bloons. The gameplay contains the well-known elements of tower building and upgrading that we love from the Bloons series. Enjoy this multiplayer game for your favorite mobile platform!

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