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Turtle Strike is a turn-based game where there are no ‘turns’ in the classic term of the genre. Players have the same thirty seconds each round to perform their actions simultaneously instead of taking turns. That means that the outcome of the battle will be decided on speed and not on tactical insight only.  The 3D visuals make Turtle Strike an aesthetically attractive game, it’s a feast for the eye to play this game. Enjoy the frantic gameplay of Turtle Strike and train yourself to a maximum level because there are real matches where there is real prize money at stake!

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Cubemen is a great online multiplayer game that offers an interesting twist on the tower defense genre. The best part is that there are no towers included in the gameplay, an element that’s always on the front row in the genre. The concept of placing static towers has been replaced by little colored men in red and blue which will function as attackers and defenders at the same time. The 3D environment makes it suitable to climb and descend in the platforming challenges by attacking each other and defending your base in the best way possible. Cubemen is playable with six players at the same time, have fun with your friends!

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In this amazing action packed strategic multiplayer game your main goal is to blow stuff up! Remember the game Bomberman on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System from the early days? This game resembles the gameplay, just like all the other Bomberman clones that are available to play. In this mobile game you can choose between online mode or campaign mode. In the online mode it’s possible to play up to two to four players in one of the multiplayer arena’s to try to blow each other up to become the last man standing. In the campaign mode you are able to play over one hundred levels alone or with a friend, your goal in this mode is to kill all the monsters! Just like in the original Bomberman you are able to collect special power ups that will improve your status effects. Watch out that you don’t take the cursed objects because you will become diseased. If you happen to die in the arena, your spirit is able to take revenge by haunting the players that are still alive by infecting them with negative status effects. So what are you waiting for, join the fun and try to blow your Bomber friends to smithereens!

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starfront collision

Did you ever play a real time strategy game on your mobile device? If the answer is no then that’s not a weird thing because the best RTS games are only available on the PC. Now is the time to try out a worthy strategy game for iOS, Starfront Collision manages to pull of the hard job of creating a good simulation game for iOS platforms. It also feels like a tribute to the great franchises in the genre like Starcraft or Command and Conquer. In Starfront Collision you take control of one of three different races called the Wardens, Myriad or the Consortium. They all battle it out for only one important valuable thing: Xenodium. Xenodium is the equivalent of what Spice is to Dune and Tiberium to Command and Conquer. If you want a classic RTS game that plays by the rules including a tech tree, units that can become stronger and the typical gameplay that you’d expect from a genre game Starfront Collision is the way to go.

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nunchuck charlie

Are you hungry, Mr. Teddington? Don’t worry, me too, I’ll cook my Nunchuck Charlie super secret awesomesauce for you to enjoy. After the food you will happily go to sleep, very satisfied that you fed your teddybear, when all of a sudden the queen Chigeon appears. She claims she is the ruler of the Wishing Well of Forbidden Wishes. Bid farewell to Mr. Teddington since it will be the last time you will ever see him. Help Charlie to save Teddington! You have no choice but to enter wishing well of forbidden wishes and take down the evil queen Chigeon. Mash those buttons and solve all the small puzzles, dodge all the obstacles and defeat your enemies. Use your nunchucks to give your enemies bruises and bloody noses. Nunchuck Charlie is a great game to play by yourself but you will be able to multiply the fun when you try to beat the game with one of your best friends!

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