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Shadowgun Deadzone


The games that are being developed for mobile platforms are becoming more advanced every day. This amazing futuristic first person shooter is proof of that progress. Shadowgun DeadZone is available for download on your favorite mobile device. It’s your job to take on a computer controlled character or duel it out with one of your best gaming buddies. This futuristic shooter is very well made and the graphic resemble console games or similar high quality AAA titles that are available for your PC. Shadowgun: Deadzone let’s you enter in spectacular multiplayer battles where the main focus lies on futuristic warfare and intergalactic gunplay. Choose between a variety of maps and choose between two modes. In Death Match you take on other players and try to get the most kills. Zone Control can be played in single mode or in coop mode to blast all the enemies to smithereens. Skill and train your favorite character to unlock a wide range of exotic weapons, useful items and amazing special moves.

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